Secrets to Great Skin from our Esthetician, Olivia


The extremely dry air this winter is making everyone’s skin cringe a bit more than usual which has kept our esthetician, Olivia busy, busy, busy. We recently asked her to share a few of her skin secrets so that we could pass them along to you!

1. What are your favorite products?

“You can’t go wrong with anything Vitamin C! I always suggest a Vitamin C serum to my clients who have acne scaring or sun damage. Vitamin C is a natural lightener which is great for evening out skin tones. It’s also an excellent antioxidant for us; internally and topically.”

2. What’s your secret to great skin?

“My secret is maintenance. Although the ideal is to get facials once a month, that alone won’t be enough to get your skin looking its best. You have to be committed to keep up with a consistent skin regimen at home. By investing in the best products for your particular skin type, you’re able to reverse any skin damage you may have had from the past. You’re also preparing your skin for the future and are guaranteed to get better results from your facials. Maintaining a healthy diet and lots of exercise also helps you become an active participant in improving your skin.”

3. This winter has been horribly dry! What do you recommend to keep our skin happy?

“Apply moisturizer morning and night! Also, just because it gets gloomy, don’t be fooled! Sunscreen is important every single morning before leaving the house. For those of you who are always in the car, make sure you put sunscreen on your hands and arms! 80% of skin aging is caused by the sun.”


Olivia has been a part of the Le Petite Retreat team since 2009. She’s highly committed to helping her clients achieve their goals while they’re in the spa. “When a client enters the room, we are both coming together for an hour of working towards the same goal,” she says. “It’s my job to figure out exactly what that person may need. Sometimes, it’s as simple as relaxation. Other times, my client may need extensive treatment for acne. Whatever it may be, the best feeling is to know that when I’m done, I’ve improved their skin. When my clients look in the mirror and see the transformation in front of their eyes…that is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Inspired by a close family friend who is an expert in aesthetics, Olivia knew from a very early age that she wanted to follow in her footsteps. “Watching her work and seeing the way that she healed her clients really inspired me,” she says. “I want to not only be able to treat my clients’ skin but to improve their whole well-being.”

We’re thankful to have Olivia working with us and think that you’ll enjoy her too!

Do you have any questions for Olivia about skin care? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. Candace says

    My daughter is looking for a school to become a licenses Aesthetician in Los Angeles. We live in the neighbor hood.. Do you have any suggestions?

    • ron says

      HI – though she could always try Marinello’s, there is a great Esthetician Program at West Valley Occupational Center, plus other product training seminars by companies such as those provided by Murad, Epicuren, Guinot and others. Hope this helps!

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