A Meditation for All This Saga Dawa

The holiest holiday in Buddhism, the Saga Dawa celebrates the month in which Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and passed onto final enlightenment through his death. During this time, Buddhists all over the world practice mindfulness through good deeds, prayer, and meditation. Meditation is the most difficult form of mindfulness to practice in our busy Western world, but it’s the most rewarding. Finding 20 to 30 minutes in our day that’s not already put aside for exercise, showering, cooking or … read more »


Trick or Treat

It is not a trick; fall is the time to treat yourself.  With the summer coming to an end and the long hot season over, it is time to repair that skin of yours.  Summer is the most drying season for your hair, skin and nails.  Get back the moisture you have lost in the last few months with a relaxing, hydrating hydrotherapy bath.  Milk, honey, sage and rose will allow your skin to rejuvenate.  The copper tub will release … read more »

Tranquility in Your Soul

I believe that the little things in life are all that really matter. This could mean many different things to different people, however, it is within yourself that you will find true happiness. Everything can be nothing if you truly do not appreciate it. Therefore, when you have joy in your life, you should truly enjoy every moment of it. Stop and breathe when you need a break, and sip on pure water when you need to cool down. As … read more »

Why Do I Feel Something’s Missing?

OK, so I do yoga, exercise at least 3 times a week, don’t overdue drinking, don’t smoke, and eat pretty healthy.  I also get an occasional massage, see friends regularly, and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. So why do I still feel something’s missing? You may feel that way too, but sometimes it seems that doing so many things in life, filling up my day with work, with conversations, with thoughts, and even some gardening time, … read more »

The Perfect Massage

In Los Angeles there are many places to choose from to get a massage. Most of the massage parlors in the city offer cheap pricing, but they do not offer the same relaxation that a spa provides. A massage parlor may offer a signature massage, with no specifications as to what you will be receiving. There is a flat rate, and the service is only as good as what you pay. Often, these places are loud and uncomfortable, and it … read more »

Celebrating our 10th Year!

If you think that a spa will only selfishly celebrate with the owners or staff, then think again! Le Petite Retreat day spa is offering all Los Angeles day spa lovers the deal of the decade – to celebrate their 10th year in Los Angeles! Teaming up with high-end dealmaker GiltCity, hurry + get up to 4 different and unbelievable savings offers (click here to get any of these offers now): Face A Younger Future with an $89* (Reg $175) … read more »

Stress Free Summer Vacation

It is time to pack-up your things and take a vacation! People are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the bountiful fruits, and enjoying a nice summertime vacation. Whether you travel to an exotic country or stay in the same city you live, it is always nice to take a break from the normal everyday occurrences. Staycations are becoming quite popular amongst those who live in Los Angeles, as there is a plethora of exciting things to do in and … read more »

Sharing an Escape to The Spa

The summer is in full-swing, and vacations have started. It is good to keep in mind that vacations can often add stress to your life. Although it is supposed to be a vacation, the word vacation can mean a get-away, but does not always mean an escape! Many people believe that an escape can include camping in the wilderness, going to a beach, or visiting a theme park. But, this is not an escape, as many of these events are … read more »

The Best Massage for Your Body

You may have experienced a massage before in a massage parlor, a spa, or even by a friend or loved one, however not all massages are created equal. There are various types of massage therapy to choose from when you are looking into getting a massage at the Best Los Angeles Day Spa, Le Petite Retreat Day Spa. The most popular massage is the Jade Stone Massage. Hot and cold jade stones are used to help relax and rejuvenate the … read more »

Massage Therapy for Your Health

Many people suffer from ailments such as asthma, food allergies, and commonly headaches or migraines. Massage therapy has been proven to help relieve pain from these health conditions. As there is really no cure for some health conditions, massage therapy helps to manage the pain and reduce the suffering. It is a very good idea to get a massage at least once each month to help relieve pain and suffering. By going to a spa for your massage therapy, you … read more »