Start the New Year Fresh: Detox & Cleanse

Like so many of you out there, we like to start each new year fresh! Which is why for January, we’re all about focusing on cleansing and detoxifying. Coming Soon: In-Spa Event: Detox, Cleanse & Create Balance in 2012 Cheryl L. Perkins, Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Wellness Coach of Creating Balance will be in the spa to show you the clear way to wellness! She’ll be teaching us how to get clearer skin, lose weight, get more peaceful sleep, and … read more »

Celebrating our 10th Year!

If you think that a spa will only selfishly celebrate with the owners or staff, then think again! Le Petite Retreat day spa is offering all Los Angeles day spa lovers the deal of the decade – to celebrate their 10th year in Los Angeles! Teaming up with high-end dealmaker GiltCity, hurry + get up to 4 different and unbelievable savings offers (click here to get any of these offers now): Face A Younger Future with an $89* (Reg $175) … read more »

Good For You Foods

You are hearing “healthy eating” more than ever in the media, and more celebrities are turning Vegan and Vegetarian. This mainstream need to Be Green and eat healthier stems from the years of abuse to our earth, animals, and our society as a whole. By creating an imbalance of compassion within our daily lives, we create turmoil for our souls. We need to focus on carrying out the healthier attributes that make us who we are. By avoiding processed foods … read more »

Why Detox?

Though you’ve may at one time considered how our bodies are organisms, full of energy, comprising it’s own ecosystem – you may not have considered that clogging the body with nasty toxins will plug-up the system, and poison it over time. Just like your car that needs to have the oil changed, or the air filter, even the coolant — all these filters and liquids work the same way in the human body.  You may recall from your high-school science … read more »

To Be Green is To Be Alive

Living green is internally and externally prominent. Being green is not where you shop, what you wear, or who you talk to, it is how you treat your body and the earth. By coexisting with nature, you can be grateful for the land and seas, as well as the most important vessel – you. Many great thinkers have been  studying the existence of self and the earth, and just recently it has become mainstream. Since being “green” is readily available, … read more »

Pure Water or Waste

Feeling thirsty, so you pick up a bottle of water from the grocers refrigerator at the check-out. You are now refreshed. But what exactly are you drinking? Water or chemical waste? Some people believe that what you put into your body will effect the way you look and feel. Just as you should do a foot detox and cleanse your skin by getting an exfoliating facial, you should drink pure substances with very little impurities. You should go to the … read more »

Chlorophyll Treatment to Help the Body Cleanse

There are various times when we feel that we need an extra boost or some additional protection from getting sick. The best thing that you can do is to purify your body by doing a cleanse. Often, people choose fruit and veggie cleanses combined with a foot detox. By detoxing, you will clean your body of impurities that may lead to illnesses or certain diseases. Before you rush to the store to purchase every detox kit, remember that you should … read more »

Spa Savings: Save $25 on FTD Flowers

Sometimes you can find the greatest savings at your favorite day spa, just by doing a little searching.  And, if you’re on Facebook and you like  your favorite day spa, you can sometimes get even greater deals! That’s the case this week with Le Petite Retreat day spa, who is offering a $25 savings voucher on FTD flowers, just by getting your favorite day spa package – and asking for their Facebook Exclusive Special! Imagine saving $25 AND getting the … read more »

Massage + Detoxing = Healthy Living

In 1992 the ‘Touch Research Institute’ was established at the University of Miami School of Medicine entirely devoted to the study of touch and its application in science and medicine.  They’ve shown massage can induce weight gain in premature infants, alleviate depressive symptoms, reduce stress hormones, alleviate pain and positively alter the immune system in children and adults with various medical conditions.Together with massage, today there are other toxin-releasing innovations.  I wanted to tell you about the amazing results posted … read more »

What’s Special About Ionic Detoxing?

An Ionic Detoxing uses positive & negative currents to stimulate your lymphatic system, so harmful stress & environmental toxins get released through your feet’s pores, and become visible in your foot bath’s water. This amazing detoxing spa treatment helps with