Good For You Foods

You are hearing “healthy eating” more than ever in the media, and more celebrities are turning Vegan and Vegetarian. This mainstream need to Be Green and eat healthier stems from the years of abuse to our earth, animals, and our society as a whole. By creating an imbalance of compassion within our daily lives, we create turmoil for our souls. We need to focus on carrying out the healthier attributes that make us who we are. By avoiding processed foods … read more »

Benefits of Coconut

Just about everywhere you can find products featuring coconut, coconut oil, or coconut milk. The coconut is a versatile tree nut, also known as a drupe, that has many healthy benefits. Some day spas offer coconut-based facials and massage oil may have coconut oils as well, as coconut oil is a great solution to dry skin.  Some people also use coconut in body creams and for replenishing the skin and hair. You will find coconut in some cosmetics, creams, leave-in … read more »

Antioxidants to Help Reverse Aging

Antioxidants help prevent everything from bad skin to cardiovascular disease and premature aging. When you incorporate antioxidants into your diet, you allow your body to fight the harmful toxins and free radicals that may affect you. As we age, it is important to add more antioxidants into our diet. It is also important to detox as often as possible to allow the antioxidants to work better. You can easily detox with a healthier diet or using detox supplements. I also … read more »

Remedies for Removing Dark Spots

The sun can be quite rewarding as it gives us Vitamin D and positive energy, but if you stay in the sun for more than 15 minutes each day you may end up with dark spots on your face. Also, a chemical reaction to certain facial products or make-up can cause an irritation that causes dark spots. Many spas offer facials that exfoliate and help to rebuild the skins cells, as well as lighten the skin, and there are some … read more »

Cheers to a New You

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and I am sure that you are planning for a fun adventure on New Year’s Eve. Usually, after partying the night away, people tend to make their New Year resolutions involving weight loss, detoxifying the body or mind, and becoming a better person. So, as you drink your martinis dry and dance to your favorite songs of 2010, keep in mind that your self-improvement in 2011 starts the next day!Here are some … read more »

Living Gluten-Free

Gluten-free living does not mean that you need to limit your enjoyment of good food. You can still have a healthy and delicious lifestyle without gluten products. Many grocery and health food chains have incorporated gluten-free labeling on most of their products to help customers distinguish gluten-free items. Many people have converted to a gluten-free diet and lifestyle recently, including: people who have gluten intolerance or wheat intolerance, or gluten allergies; People with MS, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases; People … read more »

Spas Help Remove Environmental Toxins

With all the talk of environmental toxins taking a toll on our bodies, many are returning to spas for services that purge those pesky pollutants.  But know that these detox treatments aren’t those made famous for their ability to melt off pounds, but are those taking more of a total body approach to provide long-term benefits, not just a quick fix.Toxins can enter our bodies through countless and often unavoidable means, such as breathing and eating!  Milk can contain growth … read more »

Don’t Ignore These Top 10 Health Matters

Maintaining your health means being proactive about issues that arise.The following 10 medical issues should NEVER be ignored: Chest Pain – chest pain can suggest an acute heart attack.  Get to the ER as quickly as possible. Abdominal Pain – Mild to moderate abdominal pain that lasts for more than a week can be the sign of an ulcer, malignancy, gallstones, or inflammation such as colitis or diverticulitis. Fever – Fevers over 101’F, especially if they’re associated with vomiting, diarrhea … read more »

Lifestyle’s Impact On Aging

Many aspects of our lifestyle, namely what we eat, drink and expose ourselves to, can either slow down or speed up the development of everything from wrinkles and crow’s feet, to cancer and heart disease.Nealy all of us can make one more key change if we want to age more healthfully and gracefully.  The most powerful thing in our lifestyle that affects how we age is stress – the quantity of stress and how we deal with stress.  The ‘fight-or-flight’ … read more »

9 Ways Day Spas Help you Lose Weight

Spa treatments can help you get back in touch with your body.  Feeling uncomfortable about your body may start a cycle of denial and detachment that helps you ignore the fact that you’re gaining weight. Fitness opportunities at your spa, or even walking to your spa may provide the exercise that should complement any diet.  Instruction in Pilates or body sculpting can help you make exercise a part of your daily life. Spa treatments designed for slimming can have a … read more »