Look Beautiful All Day, Every Day

It is especially hard to maintain fresh makeup during the hot summer months. Your face starts to sweat, your liner runs, and your lipstick is on your water bottle and no longer on your lips. So, you carry around your eye and lip pencils searching for the nearest mirror to apply more makeup. Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. Many people understand the importance of looking their best, so they try to maintain their look by applying makeup. When … read more »

Thanks for making us #1 Los Angeles Day Spa

Those of us from Le Petite Retreat day spa would like to thank you all for voting and making us the #1 best day spa in Los Angeles! For years, we’ve been introducing LA to some of the newest things in spa – from couples massage and couples treatments, to eyelash extensions, and now to the botox alternative known as semi-permanent make up. MyFoxLA’s Hot List has been ranking some of the best places and services in Los Angeles, and … read more »

Spa in LA, Vacation in Vegas!

Ok, so you live in Los Angeles, love to spa in Los Angeles, but like to take a break sometimes in Las Vegas?  Well, now you can do both! Say you’re looking to de-stress & relax with a massage, or a facial, or better yet a relaxing spa package for yourself.   All you have to do is “Like” Le Petite Retreat day spa on Facebook, then call the spa at 323.466.1028 after you’ve selected your spa package, and you’ll be … read more »

Why Detox?

Though you’ve may at one time considered how our bodies are organisms, full of energy, comprising it’s own ecosystem – you may not have considered that clogging the body with nasty toxins will plug-up the system, and poison it over time. Just like your car that needs to have the oil changed, or the air filter, even the coolant — all these filters and liquids work the same way in the human body.  You may recall from your high-school science … read more »

Face It: Your skin show’s how much you care

When you haven’t seen someone like an old friend (or lover) in a long time, what do you notice first?  Not their shoes, their handbag or their clothing — you notice their face.  You notice if they look tired with bags around their eyes, or if their cheeks droop a bit around the jawline, or if their skin is either ruddy or dull-looking. Face it:  what you notice is what they look like and how they’ve aged.  Guess what — … read more »

Facials That Skin Will Love

There are many claims about products enhancing skin or making you look younger.  The proof in any facial product is how it works for you. Many facial products use natural plant oils extracts in a concentrated form, and use them in the creams and facial masques.  Some of the most common ingredients & their skin benefits: Apricot kernel oil – tones, softens Sesame oil – conditions Caprylic/capric triglyceride – smoothes Avocado oil – cleans, replenishes Squalane oil – moisturizes, soothes … read more »

Rosacea Awareness Month

Rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAY-sha) is a very common facial skin disorder.  Often very mis-understood, rosacea may affect over 16 million Americans, many who may not even know it!   Rosacea is increasing because this is when the baby boom generation enters the age where rosacea becomes alive.  A recent Gallup survey found that 78 percent of Americans have no knowledge of this condition, how to recognize it or even what to do about it. Because of its red-faced, acne-like effects, it … read more »

“Liking”on Facebook Gets You Deals

Besides finding old high school friends & sweethearts, ever wonder how liking a company on facebook can help you manage your budget these days?Many of the best day spas offer facebook-only specials to their loyal ollowers and those who like them.  For instance, at Le Petite Retreat day spa in Los Angeles, this week you can receive a skin-healthy enzyme toner when you purchase their custom RegenisCell Vitamin C Enzyme facial, saving $38!  A great deal if you already like … read more »

Be sure to do the right facial if you have Rosacea

Facials are quite popular for both men and women, and many times are a benefit to healthier, glowing skin. The best treatment for a beautiful skin is a RegenisCell© Vitamin C Enzyme Facial with Aquasonic Micro-Dermabrasion from the Best Los Angeles Day Spa, Le Petite Retreat Day Spa. Facials give amazing results and many people enjoy the relaxation of a facial in a spa atmosphere. For people with Rosacea, however, a facial is not recommended.Unfortunately, Rosacea is not curable, therefore … read more »

Travelzoo: $89 for Two great spa treats!

For $89, enjoy a combo of two services: the Coppertino Bath Experience (reg. $85), plus your choice of a 50-minute Vitamin C Enzyme Facial (reg. $120) or the Deep Tissue Massage (reg. $115) Le Petite Retreat day spa has been praised by Vogue and Cosmopolitan The Coppertino Experience was named “Best Spa Bath” by Los Angeles Magazine The customized Vitamin C Enzyme Facial features botanical extracts rich in antioxidants to regenerate natural skin cell growth and brighten your skin Vouchers … read more »