Be Thankful

Never should you take for granted all of the wonderful things in your life.  Sometimes you just need time to ‘re-set’.  Clear your head.  Get your thoughts in order.  We are thankful, but often we are so consumed with all of life’s stresses that we do not take time to reflect upon all of the great things we have to be thankful for.  The people who love us and who we love and the time and energy we spend making … read more »


Back To School – Now It’s Your Turn

Now that school is back in session and you have some time, it is your turn to take care of yourself.  Taking care of oneself is not always top of the priority list.  With the kids home all summer while school was out any chance for extra time and money you were spending on them.  It is all in a day’s work for a good parent.  We put our families and our responsibilities before our needs all of the time.  … read more »

Holiday Pampering Yourself

Make time this holiday season to take care of you. Give back to yourself, without feeling guilty, for all of the good things you have done for others in your life this year. With the holiday hustle and bustle and the need to bake, clean, cook, entertain, shop and volunteer time for charity, it is hard to find time or justify spending time and money on us. Shopping for kids, moms and dads, family and friends can become overwhelming and … read more »

Back to School

With the kids back to school, it is time to take care of you. The whole summer break was time to focus on the children and having fun. Planning family outings and vacations around busy work schedules and trying to spend time outdoors with kids in the pool has caused a serious need to take care of your skin. Sun damage from exposure and dryness from the hot summer weather can make skin look older and less vibrant. An exfoliating … read more »

Tranquility in Your Soul

I believe that the little things in life are all that really matter. This could mean many different things to different people, however, it is within yourself that you will find true happiness. Everything can be nothing if you truly do not appreciate it. Therefore, when you have joy in your life, you should truly enjoy every moment of it. Stop and breathe when you need a break, and sip on pure water when you need to cool down. As … read more »

Why Do I Feel Something’s Missing?

OK, so I do yoga, exercise at least 3 times a week, don’t overdue drinking, don’t smoke, and eat pretty healthy.  I also get an occasional massage, see friends regularly, and get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. So why do I still feel something’s missing? You may feel that way too, but sometimes it seems that doing so many things in life, filling up my day with work, with conversations, with thoughts, and even some gardening time, … read more »

The Perfect Massage

In Los Angeles there are many places to choose from to get a massage. Most of the massage parlors in the city offer cheap pricing, but they do not offer the same relaxation that a spa provides. A massage parlor may offer a signature massage, with no specifications as to what you will be receiving. There is a flat rate, and the service is only as good as what you pay. Often, these places are loud and uncomfortable, and it … read more »

Stress Free Summer Vacation

It is time to pack-up your things and take a vacation! People are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the bountiful fruits, and enjoying a nice summertime vacation. Whether you travel to an exotic country or stay in the same city you live, it is always nice to take a break from the normal everyday occurrences. Staycations are becoming quite popular amongst those who live in Los Angeles, as there is a plethora of exciting things to do in and … read more »

Massage Therapy for Your Health

Many people suffer from ailments such as asthma, food allergies, and commonly headaches or migraines. Massage therapy has been proven to help relieve pain from these health conditions. As there is really no cure for some health conditions, massage therapy helps to manage the pain and reduce the suffering. It is a very good idea to get a massage at least once each month to help relieve pain and suffering. By going to a spa for your massage therapy, you … read more »

Dive Deeper Into Your Yoga Routine

Yoga is essential for a calm body and mind. Each person can feel invigorated and free as they practice yoga. If you are already involved in a yoga routine, you understand the healthful benefits that it can provide. Whether you are in a yoga session at your local yoga studio, or you practice your relaxation and stretching at home, you can feel the everlasting benefits of a healthy yoga routine. Remaining calm can be challenging when your cell phone is … read more »