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by Briana Leon on November 24, 2012

 The type of massage that a person prefers is as tailored to their personality as with any other personal preference. An express massage is the best for those who do not have time for a full-body massage, but would like the tension relieving benefits of a massage. A Swedish relaxation massage is a good choice for those who like a [ read more → ]


Stress Free Summer Vacation

by Mallori on July 8, 2011

It is time to pack-up your things and take a vacation! People are taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the bountiful fruits, and enjoying a nice summertime vacation. Whether you travel to an exotic country or stay in the same city you live, it is always nice to take a break from the normal everyday occurrences. Staycations are becoming quite [ read more → ]


Sharing the Spa Experience

by Mallori on August 3, 2010

An invigorating day at the spa is usually a personal experience, but can it be a shared experience? The answer is YES! A spa experience can be fun- a girls day out for instance- and you can get a massage, a facial, and a foot detox while chatting with your girlfriend. Or, a romantic experience-with a partner for instance- and [ read more → ]


When Day Spas Discount

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on December 2, 2009

Though many of us understand the health benefits of massage, facials & body scrubs, there are many in Los Angeles who believe a spa treatment is a luxury.Well, quite honestly, for some of us it is.  A luxury of time, a luxury of money during tough economic times, and often times, a place that’s more luxurious than our own homes [ read more → ]

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Relieve Stress with Massage

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on July 28, 2009

The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami has conducted over 90 studies on the positive effects of massage therapy on many functions and medical conditions in varied age groups. Among the significant research findings are enhanced growth (e.g. in preterm infants), diminished pain (e.g. fibromyalgia), decreased autoimmune problems (e.g., increased pulmonary function in asthma and decreased glucose levels [ read more → ]