Massage Therapist

  Massages are more beneficial than the obvious pampering that most people are used to associating it with. Massages are used for relaxation and de-stressing; which is obvious to most people. Although, most people are not thinking about the health benefits that massage therapy can offer. People who use massage therapy in conjunction with physical therapy or chiropractic treatment will [ read more → ]

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The Perfect Massage

by Mallori on July 13, 2011

In Los Angeles there are many places to choose from to get a massage. Most of the massage parlors in the city offer cheap pricing, but they do not offer the same relaxation that a spa provides. A massage parlor may offer a signature massage, with no specifications as to what you will be receiving. There is a flat rate, [ read more → ]


The Best Massage for Your Body

by Mallori on June 28, 2011

You may have experienced a massage before in a massage parlor, a spa, or even by a friend or loved one, however not all massages are created equal. There are various types of massage therapy to choose from when you are looking into getting a massage at the Best Los Angeles Day Spa, Le Petite Retreat Day Spa. The most [ read more → ]


Massage Therapy for Your Health

by Mallori on June 23, 2011

Many people suffer from ailments such as asthma, food allergies, and commonly headaches or migraines. Massage therapy has been proven to help relieve pain from these health conditions. As there is really no cure for some health conditions, massage therapy helps to manage the pain and reduce the suffering. It is a very good idea to get a massage at [ read more → ]


The Sounds of Your Massage

by Mallori on September 22, 2010

I find it interesting that each spa I have been to there has been soothing and relaxing music. Why do spas offer these tunes? What makes this music relaxing? I will tell you what I have found out about Day Spa Music.The sensation of walking into the day spa and hearing piano music with a mix of world flare will [ read more → ]


Men Are Watching (and Waxing) Their Backs

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on July 20, 2010

Men obsessing about hair loss is old news.  Men obsessing about too much hair is the latest news.  In response, the overwhelming majority of day spas no offer back waxing or hair removal services for men as well as women.Whether for California or Maine, weight lifters, swimmers and bicyclists often ask for full body waxes.  Some football players also get [ read more → ]


Spa Etiquette: Talking

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on October 15, 2009

Many times a person doesn’t know whether they should do any talking during their spa treatment.  This is a two-way street for both the therapist and for the client or spa guest.Every spa professional we know, said talking is at the client’s discretion.  Spa guests are paying for a service, not the conversations.  However, some communication is important during treatments.For [ read more → ]


Spa Operations: Therapist Following

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on October 1, 2009

Many therapists when interviewed, will say they have a loyal following from a competitor that they could bring to their prospective new employer, thus making their value, and hopefully compensation, greater.However wonderful this may sound, this idea has been disproved in the industry.  Our experience in Los Angeles has been that the physical location of a spa or salon is [ read more → ]