Keeping Your Body Strong

It is important to eat healthfully, exercise regularly and take your supplements to strengthen your bones. Since skeletal mass peaks at age 30 and starts breaking down at age 50, we must ensure strong bones early on in life. Starting to build bone mass at an earlier age will help you avoid breaking bones in your later years. Also, women who are Caucasian or Asian are at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. Take action to build strong bones and … read more »

Mothers Can Avoid Diabetes by Breast Feeding

It is so great to receive a massage from one of the best spas in Los Angeles, especially if you are pregnant and need a nice relaxing prenatal pregnancy massage. You may be pregnant or considering having a child, and you may be thinking about whether or not to breastfeed your child. Here is some interesting thoughts on breastfeeding and your health.Breastfeeding is a personal decision, and sometimes for health reasons we choose to breast feed, but if you have … read more »

Massage Causes Positive Biological Changes

Whether getting deep tissue massage with penetrating hands or elbows pressed into muscles or a Swedish Massage that uses more light strokes & stretching in the massage — each helps you and your body. A new study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage will promote positive biological changes in the body and mind. I didn’t know that there was a medical explanation behind the great feeling I have after receiving my deep tissue massage … read more »

Organic and Natural Products May Still Be Dangerous

Your natural, organic soaps and cosmetics may still contain harmful chemicals that can be very dangerous for your health. Many personal care products contain harmful chemicals that can cause health problems. Be sure to go to day spas that offer chemical-free products that are Organic. Beauty is not determined by how many chemicals you put on and into your body, it is about the naturally enhanced beauty you all ready have.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and taking … read more »

Massage&Medicine: Breast Cancer&Massage

A perfect example of the importance of further research into massage therapy is evidenced in a recent study at the Univeristy of Miami.  The study focused on the effects of massage therapy on breast cancer patients.   It was concluded that massage therapy increases the number of natural killer cells (NK cells) that are known to destroy cancer cells, bolstering immune function.Breast cancer patients in the early stages of the disease participated in the study.  At the end of the 5 … read more »

Wear Clothes That Protect You

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and getting your monthly facial to repair the sun’s damage on your face and neck isn’t enough.  One of the best anti-aging practices is to protect yourself and your entire body on a daily basis.In order of importance, the factors that make clothing sun protective are weave (tighter is better), color (darker is better), weight (heavier is better), stretch (less is better) and wetness (dry is better).The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Rating) is a … read more »

Don’t Ignore These Top 10 Health Matters

Maintaining your health means being proactive about issues that arise.The following 10 medical issues should NEVER be ignored: Chest Pain – chest pain can suggest an acute heart attack.  Get to the ER as quickly as possible. Abdominal Pain – Mild to moderate abdominal pain that lasts for more than a week can be the sign of an ulcer, malignancy, gallstones, or inflammation such as colitis or diverticulitis. Fever – Fevers over 101’F, especially if they’re associated with vomiting, diarrhea … read more »

Lifestyle’s Impact On Aging

Many aspects of our lifestyle, namely what we eat, drink and expose ourselves to, can either slow down or speed up the development of everything from wrinkles and crow’s feet, to cancer and heart disease.Nealy all of us can make one more key change if we want to age more healthfully and gracefully.  The most powerful thing in our lifestyle that affects how we age is stress – the quantity of stress and how we deal with stress.  The ‘fight-or-flight’ … read more »

Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath Treatments

Some people swear by their effectiveness, and others are skeptics.  The fact remains, that healthy alternatives to detoxifying one’s body, are usually a good idea.So, how does an ionic detoxing foot bath actually work?  The science behind these devices is similar to what you may recall were the ‘Ionic Breeze’ air purifying units, that were and continue to be popular.   These units began the technology of alternating positive and negative charges, that when combined, attract particles (read: toxins).For an ionic … read more »

Antioxidant Theory

Over time, the body begins to ‘rust’ says anti-aging expert Phillip Lee Miller, MD of Los Gatos, California.  “We’re all losing energy, we’re getting stiffer and we’re subject to oxidative stress.  The walls of the mitochondria- the body’s energy factories – are rusting.”This oxidative stress is the byproduct of free radical damage, a natural process in which unstable molecules can disrupt cell and tissue functioning both inside and out.  Wrinkles are the best example of the free radical damage that … read more »