Massage Keeps You Healthy

by Briana Leon on May 14, 2012

For your health, it is a good idea to keep stress at bay. Massages are beneficial to your health because massages have many de-stressing properties. Most people work a very stressful job and lead a hectic lifestyle. Between work, school, children and life people are usually burning the candle at both ends and trying hard to make ends meet. A [ read more → ]


Why Detox?

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on April 28, 2011

Though you’ve may at one time considered how our bodies are organisms, full of energy, comprising it’s own ecosystem – you may not have considered that clogging the body with nasty toxins will plug-up the system, and poison it over time. Just like your car that needs to have the oil changed, or the air filter, even the coolant — [ read more → ]


Balancing Your Life

by Mallori on January 12, 2011

Having balance in your life can help you avoid illness, fatigue, and stress. If you are not balanced, you may have mood swings and physical problems that occur from stress. Stress causes insomnia, fatigue, stomach problems, and headaches. When you are stressed, your body cannot fight off illness from having a weakened immune system. We need to learn to multi-task [ read more → ]


Be Well and Merry This Holiday Season

by Mallori on December 14, 2010

After the stressful Holiday season, all I want to do is relax in a bath, drink champagne, and enjoy being pampered- Wouldn’t you? At the Best Los Angeles Day Spa, Le Petite Retreat Day Spa, couples are able to unwind from the stress of the Holidays with fantastic couples treatments that promote romance, relaxation, and revitalization.Having a Happy Holiday means [ read more → ]


Zen Men: Meditation for Men

by Mallori on October 25, 2010

Every man experiences stress at some point during their life. Men experience stress as much as women do, and stress can take its ill effects on men the same as it does women. Stress can be from relationships, work, finances, lifestyle or anything else. Often, family causes stress for men, along with work and job-related stress. Men must realize that [ read more → ]


Happy Faces

by Mallori on August 30, 2010

Smiling is a form of expression, and it can also be good for focusing  and reducing stress. When you smile, you have the ability to pay attention to things easier and focus on things more clearly. You don’t necessarily have to be happy, but smiling can help you concentrate and be more focused.  Smiling can naturally make you happier, thus [ read more → ]


Work Related Stress: What Causes It?

by Le Petite Retreat Day Spa on November 2, 2009

Hard to drag yourself out of bed and schlep across town for 8-9 hours in a 9-5 world?  If you answered yes, you may be suffering from work-related stress.What Causes Work Related Stress? Bad relations with other work colleagues Too little work to do Too much work to do Long and/or irregular hours Repetitive work and boredom, with lack of [ read more → ]