Look Beautiful All Day, Every Day

It is especially hard to maintain fresh makeup during the hot summer months. Your face starts to sweat, your liner runs, and your lipstick is on your water bottle and no longer on your lips. So, you carry around your eye and lip pencils searching for the nearest mirror to apply more makeup. Sound familiar? Well, you are not alone. Many people understand the importance of looking their best, so they try to maintain their look by applying makeup. When … read more »

Thanks for making us #1 Los Angeles Day Spa

Those of us from Le Petite Retreat day spa would like to thank you all for voting and making us the #1 best day spa in Los Angeles! For years, we’ve been introducing LA to some of the newest things in spa – from couples massage and couples treatments, to eyelash extensions, and now to the botox alternative known as semi-permanent make up. MyFoxLA’s Hot List has been ranking some of the best places and services in Los Angeles, and … read more »

Chlorophyll Treatment to Help the Body Cleanse

There are various times when we feel that we need an extra boost or some additional protection from getting sick. The best thing that you can do is to purify your body by doing a cleanse. Often, people choose fruit and veggie cleanses combined with a foot detox. By detoxing, you will clean your body of impurities that may lead to illnesses or certain diseases. Before you rush to the store to purchase every detox kit, remember that you should … read more »

Natural Healing with Shiitake Mushroom

It is obvious that what you put in your body or on your body affects your overall health and well-being. That is why it is important to watch what you eat and how you treat your body. Getting monthly facials that are exfoliating and revitalizing will help rebuild skin cells. Just as a facial helps the skin and a massage helps relax your body, you can benefit by eating healthier too. Shiitake mushrooms can be found in many entrees, dressings, … read more »

Orange-You-Glad Citrus Oil Exists

I think we can all be glad that citrus oil exists because of its many benefits. Essential oils help the body to stimulate the regeneration of cells, and they help heal or repair regular wear and tear in the body. Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing the essence of plants and are obtained from the leaves, seeds, stems, roots, and flowers of the specific plants or fruits. Many Los Angeles spas offer essential oil massages and detox body scrubs using … read more »

Detox Rocks

Advocates for detoxing treatments at day spas know that external pollutants are becoming more prevalent.  There are headlines in the news about lead paint, asbestos, and Bisphenol A in plastics, as well as countless studies showing that environmental toxins damage our health.There are studies that have shown conclusively that DNA can be altered when exposed to external pollutants, and that this destabilization may lead to degenerative diseases and even cancer.However, people can only do so much to avoid the many … read more »

Spas Help Remove Environmental Toxins

With all the talk of environmental toxins taking a toll on our bodies, many are returning to spas for services that purge those pesky pollutants.  But know that these detox treatments aren’t those made famous for their ability to melt off pounds, but are those taking more of a total body approach to provide long-term benefits, not just a quick fix.Toxins can enter our bodies through countless and often unavoidable means, such as breathing and eating!  Milk can contain growth … read more »

Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath Treatments

Some people swear by their effectiveness, and others are skeptics.  The fact remains, that healthy alternatives to detoxifying one’s body, are usually a good idea.So, how does an ionic detoxing foot bath actually work?  The science behind these devices is similar to what you may recall were the ‘Ionic Breeze’ air purifying units, that were and continue to be popular.   These units began the technology of alternating positive and negative charges, that when combined, attract particles (read: toxins).For an ionic … read more »

Treatment Trends: Spas To See in Spain

SHA, a new wellness clinic in picturesque Alicante, Spain, combines ancient health disciplines, state of the art facilities, and progressive techniques to offer clients a modern day method to achieving health and happiness.The experience, which can range from 3 to 14 days, is based on a system called The SHA Method, a program composed of a macrobiotic diet, relaxation practices, an psychological and physical evaluations.  Upon arrival, clients undergo a consultation on the Anti-Aging unit, where a series of tests … read more »

Spa Etiquette: Talking

Many times a person doesn’t know whether they should do any talking during their spa treatment.  This is a two-way street for both the therapist and for the client or spa guest.Every spa professional we know, said talking is at the client’s discretion.  Spa guests are paying for a service, not the conversations.  However, some communication is important during treatments.For instance, during a massage it’s important for a therapist to ask specifically, if they should be applying more pressure or … read more »